Cavallo Investment is a company of management and development of real estate and service. This company has been created by Cavallo’s Family as financial instrument to develop  new projects and enchantment their assets in the Apulia region, Italy.

The Opportunity 

Cavallo Investment  is pleased to offer this opportunity to international and local Investors to invest in tourism and real estate. The projects have the following strengths:

  • —Substantial EBITDA cash flow from development of the projects with growth opportunities;
  • —Management of  assets for € 114.539.249,00 with opportunities to become assets for € 199.229.249,00  through the realization of these projects.

  • —All the projects are funded for 45% from the Apulia region Government;
  • —Tourism potential in Apulia region;
  • —Thirty years of experience in the development sector projects by the manager of Cavallo Investment