Harbour Business

In this area the main objective is to redouble and to complete Campomarino’s harbour and to conclude and manage the Villanova’s one. Villanova’s harbour includes 398 beths. Total amount of the Investment 8.800.000,00 within 3 years with revenues forecast from 2.049.011,00(2019)...
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The Investments in the entertainment area include 3 bowling, one in Castellana Grotte, one in Surbo and one in San Giorgio Jonico. In these structures will be present one bowling room, one videogame room, one play room for children and...
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Hotel & Leisure

Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri is located on the Jonic cost and it is composed of 106 rooms, SPA, one breakfast room for 250 people, one restaurant for 350 people, one relax room of 600m2 and one big swimming pool with all...
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—Real Estate

The main activity persecuted by the General manager today boasts assets for  € 64.789.000,00  divided into civilian homes and commercial units. This properties were realized in the provinces of Bari, Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce. Please note that Mr. Cavallo has...
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